Friday, March 7, 2008


3-01-08 Orangeburg SC
First test on the new combo and we had record breaking results (for a turbo car). She went 2.68 & 2.69 to 330ft mark but after that the track just would not cooperate. I'm sure that will change once the track gets some temp in it.
My pal Roger Richards gets credit for the photoDSB_6777.JPG

Thanks to all that continue to help make this happen.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Well after three months of hard work and the stress of it all, "The Beast" finally went down the track on its 3rd try. When I say beast, I'm referring to the beast under the hood. In the past, when this engine was in the car...It shook my brains out on every pass, broke grade 8 bolts in half like nothing and I kept a sore tail bone.
We went to the US Street Nationals in Bradenton FL on January 26th 2007 . The results were better than ever, running a career best of 6.35 @232.20 mph which qualified us #3. We won 1st round after a pedal fest. My auto shift did not work so it shifted too high and blew the tires off. I was on two wheels twice!! Once I got the bitch straight, I put it to the wood and ran the other car down. When we got out of our cars on top end the guy I just beat said, "G- Damn"!! (i hate that word btw). I had a 75 mph back half on that run so he didn't have a clue that I was even coming on that strong. Well, 2nd round was tuned to be faster than ever and when it shifted to 2nd gear the BIG RED LIGHT came on....meaning shut it off Blondie, you have lost oil pressure. I didn't want to since I had the car in the other lane whooped. There is always next time and I still have an engine to race another day. Look for the beast to run even better next time out.
That's it for now race fans until we get back from Valdosta GA March 11th

Sunday, January 7, 2007


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